Actually, this is a good idea

Our friend Nikki over at Transport Evolved has a great suggestion about a smaller, more versatile pickup for folks with no bullets to deflect, or Mad Max marauders to intimidate. I used to drive a Mitsubishi Might Max, and have fond memories of the El Camino.

I didn’t realize the El Camino went back this far. Talk about “retro”.
A nice pickup for folks who wanted good MPG and to haul things occasionally.

Mustang Mach E, First Look

A nice first look by our friend Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield at Transport Evolved

Nikki shows us a few of the E’s fairly cool features. I have to say that while I had notice the lack of door handles, I thought it was just that they blended in to the body. They seem to have taken Tesla’s idea, and went a bit further.