With all these automakers promising new EVs…

…one remains skeptical. After all, promises of new models and new investment are cheap, actually investing money and building cars is VERY expensive.

But let us assume that all these companies are sincere in their commitment to build more EVs. In that case, I one is forced to ponder the question: “How will they vehicles charge themselves?”

Now obviously, we are big fans of charging at home (and work if you can persuade the boss), and certainly that is sufficient for PHEVs and short range EVs (150 miles and under). But anyone promising an EV with 200+ miles of range needs to provide a means for customers to charge on the road quickly, or the EV is hindered. The biggest knock against GM over the Bolt is that they refused to offer any charging deal, they just sold the car and left it to the buyer to worry about charging. That’s great for folks living in locations with a good public charging infrastructure, but not much help to the other 75% of the country.

One of Tesla’s main selling points is that every day it gets easier to charge the car on the road as they continually expand their Supercharger Network. Right now they are adding 4-6 stations per week, and that is likely to continue into the end of 2018.

A company serious about selling EVs is also serious about charging those EVs away from home.