It keeps going, and going, and going…

Finnish Tesla Model S taxi driver crosses 400,000 km, 93% of battery life remains

Ari Nyyssönen, a Finnish taxi driver, has racked up an impressive 400,000 kilometers (250,000 miles) in his Tesla Model S and is confident that the car could last until 1 million kilometers or over 621,000 miles.

Having logged over 400,000 kilometers of taxi service in his 2014 Model S with 85 kWh battery pack, Nyyssönen had the vehicle’s motor replaced and battery pack serviced under warranty. “They are the biggest worries,” Nyyssönen said, “but they are not very bad because the most important defects have been repaired according to the guarantee.”

Arguably the most important component in a Tesla is its battery pack. After 400k km (250k mi), Nyyssönen notes that the battery was still able to maintain roughly 93% of its original driving range and showed little signs of degradation. Nyyssönen’s story can be considered a testament to the reliability and durability of Tesla’s lithium ion battery cells, but also the maintenance and service plans the company offers.

The two things that can be hard on Lion batteries are extreme heat and extreme cold. Finland is definitely a chilly locale. Oh, and lots of charge/discharge cycles, which a taxi certainly goes through.

Were there any problems with the car? Yes, some problems with both the motor and battery pack at one point, but both were repaired, under warranty by Tesla.