I’m Gonna Just Put This Right Here…

“While Tesla has built a very dedicated fan base that has been willing to excuse poor build quality, customer service, and service infrastructure, we continue to be skeptical around broader adoption,” Osborne said. He rates the shares underperform with a price target of $210, implying a 51% decrease. Of the analysts tracked by Bloomberg, 15 analysts rate the shares the equivalent of a sell, while 11 rate it buy and 10 hold, with an average price target of $297.

Bloomberg, 12/30/19

Some other bearish analysts also raised their prices targets after the third-quarter numbers. Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy took his price target from $189 to $200 a share, and J.P. Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman raised his from $200 to $220 a share.

Barron’s, 10/25/19

Ives maintained a price target on Tesla stock of $270, with a neutral rating.

Investors Business Daily, 11/22/19

Can Tesla Ever Be More Than a Niche Automaker? Wall St. Increasingly Thinks No

New York Times, 6/3/19

Cross-Sell Interactive is trying to give investors a new edge on Tesla stock by tracking new-vehicle registration data in two dozen states. Cross-Sell’s third quarter report—released Monday evening—is alarming, showing lower prices and stagnant sales.

Barron’s, 10/15/19

Goldman: Tesla’s earnings and deliveries likely to disappoint this quarter, so sell the stock

CNBC, 3/13/19

Just because it trades 22% off its high ($302), does not make Tesla a buy.

Forbes, 1/20/19

I expect the stock to continue to fall over the rest of the year and into 2020, as Tesla continues to miss its targets as a result of under-investment, constant turnover in the executive ranks, and unrealistic promises.

I will not be surprised to see the Shanghai Gigafactory run behind schedule and fail to start production this year.

Forbes, 9/9/19

At this point, TSLA stock has had several months of poor performance, both in terms of metrics and the stock price. Therefore, before committing any capital into the shares, I’d like to see the next earnings statement, expected in late October. By then, we might even have an earnings warning statement, which would send the stock even further south.

InvestorPlace.com, 8/19/19

Forget $300, Can Tesla Stock Reliably Get Back to $200?

InvestorPlace.com, 6/5/19

Anyone Still Shorting Tesla Stock Are in for a Bad Time if This is True

BMW Backing Away Rapidly from EV Commitment

This just in from an interview with BMW’s Chief of R&D, Klaus Froehlich, courtesy of Automotive News Europe:

BEV cost more because of the raw materials to make the batteries. This won’t change. Prices could eventually increase as demand for these raw materials rises.

Really, Herr Froelich? The price of batteries will never change? What exactly has it been doing for the last decade. In 2010, a Li-Ion battery pack would set you back about $1200/kWh. Today it is $120-$150/kWh.

Most of the U.S. does not need BEVs.

“Most of the U.S. does not need BMW”. There, I fixed it for you.

Right now a fuel cell powertrain costs about 10 times more than a BEV’s system. We plan to have those costs equalized by 2025 with the third generation of our scalable fuel cell system, which could result in volumes in the hundreds of thousands.

Did Germany legalize hallucinogens? Even if true, hydrogen fuel cell drivetrains are useless without a way to mass produce hydrogen and build tens of thousands of new fueling stations across Europe (at several million a pop). The cheapest way to make H2 is with methane, so that means we still need massive amounts of fossil fuel for transportation, kind of the opposite of the solution we are looking for. Also, HFC drivetrains are only a third to a half as efficient as a BEV, so again, massive amounts of money wasted on a technology vastly inferior to BEVs, and only slightly better than gasoline.

If this 20 year old mentality is what passes for engineering prowess at BMW, the company is heading to the boneyard as fast as its carcinogen-spewing turbo diesels can take it.

Anti-pollution Protesters Protest Factory Making Non-Polluting Cars

Protesters at the GF4 site in Grünheide, Germany

Local residents protest against deforestation for Tesla plant
RBB24 (German language news site)

The planned Tesla plant in Grünheide does not meet with enthusiasm everywhere. Above all, the planned clearing of a piece of forest provokes criticism. Local residents have therefore protested on Sunday and want to take action – possibly also legally – against logging.

Around 50 people protested on Sunday against the planned construction of a factory for the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide (Oder-Spree). According to rbb information, they gathered at noon near the planned factory site.

The demonstrators, wearing yellow safety vests based on the French yellow vest movement, criticized insufficient public participation and called for the preservation of the forest. There are also concerns that the drinking water supply may be at risk.