Tesla to Add 50,000 PowerWalls in Australian Homes, Creating Virtual Grid Battery

According to this story from Electrek, the government in South Australia is working with Tesla to install 5kW solar arrays and 13.5 kWh battery packs on 50,000 houses, including 1,100 low-income houses, creating what amounts to 250MW virtual power plant, with 650MWh of battery storage. Australia seems to be embracing the modernization of its electrical grid having just complete a 129MWh battery site just this past Fall.

Now if only we could fix Puerto Rico with his solution.

U.S. EV Sales Continue Growth Streak

While January is a slow month for car sales, EV/PHEV sales still managed a healthy 10% gain over January 2018, with about 25% of the models sold coming from Tesla, with the Model 3 topping sales at 1,875 units sold. I must note this is still WAY behind earlier projections, but still outperforming everyone, a trend that will only increase as the year goes on (barring some disaster at Tesla).

January Sales courtesy of InsideEVs.com